Prayer for Healing and Accepting Myself

Loving father in heaven: today I ask for the anointing of
your Holy Spirit, and I place my life in front of
the holy cross of our lord Jesus Christ, and I hug myself with
all the love, compassion, and tenderness that stems from you.
I forgive myself for all the mistakes in my life,
every sin, every loss, every economic failure,
every misspoken word, any vanity, any suicide attempt or self- punishment.

Today I declare myself free in the name of Jesus,­ from all anger,
resentment, and mistrust against myself.Today in the name of Jesus,
I accept his forgiveness­ and I forgive myself for: not having had
the courage to take action in certain situations, being lazy,
missing out on opportunities, disrespecting my parents, fami-ly members,
friends, or spouse, for being envious, for time I have wasted,
for falling into sexual promiscuity, for committing the sin of abortion,
for stealing, lying, and being arrogant. For having lost my composure
in different situations, displaying my misery. For having been negligent
and causing accidents, for having worried about the judgments of others,
for having allowed ­myself to be mistreated or manipulated,
for having caused accidents that resulted in death, injury, or material loss, etc.

Holy Spirit, I ask that you show me the area from my past that I cannot remember
and is in need of healing, so that I may be in complete liberty.

Today, in front of the cross, I accept myself as I am, with my physique,
my intelligence, my personality, and my entire being.

Today I declare myself for Christ and of Christ, and I
declare that I am a valuable person for God and for the world.
I submit to Christ any thoughts of guilt, shame, resent-ment,
fear, and timidity. I declare myself free from all attacks from the enemy.

In the name of Jesus I resist the attempts of Satan,
who seeks to enslave me and keep me unhappy.

I embrace myself, forgive myself, and declare myself free in
the name of Jesus from all resentment, disgust, or rejection
of myself. I leave behind all negative mem-ories, and accept the
love of God, that fills my heart and my being, healing my life of all imperfections.

I declare that I am capable of everything good that is within my reach,
and that I can improve in all areas of my life, because I am worthy as a son of God.

Today in the name of Jesus I declare my life completely free.


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