Prayer for listening to God's call

Father of love: I come to your presence crying
out to the light of your Spirit, so that you
may wake within me the disposition to listen
to the eternal calling that you have given me.
I ask that you help me to clear any doubts
that have existed within my interior, and that
I may be able to navigate definitively through
your guidance, with the conviction that I am
on the right path. I ask that you let me know
when I have faltered in my decisions, opinions,
and convictions, with the aim that I never turn
away from you because of arrogance, incorrect
doctrines, or even lack of understanding. I ask
that you fill me with your love, your truth, and
your mercy, so that it may clarify any confusing
or vain thoughts within me. I ask that you grant
me your hunger and thirst so that I may seek
only the perfect truth. Amen.

This prayer among many others, found in Juan Alberto Echeverry's book When God Calls Upon the Heart

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