Prayer to begin the day

Loving father, I want to greet you in this new
day and give thanks for the night that passed, and
for the rest and restoration of my strength. In this
day, I greet the entire celestial family- Father, Son,
Holy Spirit, the Holiest Virgin Mary, Saint Joseph,
guardian angel, saints, and holy angels of God.
Heavenly Father, I arise this morning in the
name of our Lord Jesus Christ thanking you for a
new sunrise, for the sunlight, the air, the clouds
and for the all-around beauty of your creation.
Once more I dedicate to you my life, my body,
my thoughts, my actions and my decisions; that
everything I do during this day might be guided
by the light of the Holy Spirit, in order to glorify
your holy name. I ask that you give me wisdom
in my actions, and self-control so as to not offend you.
Let my actions leave an imprint of your love
on every person I come into contact with today.
I hand over to you my health and my finances,
so that they may stay within the divine plan.
I pray for those who are dying, that you might show mercy to them,
especially those who will pass over to the other side today.
I ask your forgiveness for all the abortions taking
place in the world today, for all the abused children,
for all the murders, and for all the sins.
I dedicate my heart and my strengths to you,
so that I may heal all past sin, and that I may always give your testimony,
walking in the path of peace and happiness.
I place my entire family in your presence and ask
that they might be blessed with the Holy Spirit,
so that they might grow closer to you every day.
I pray this morning for all my enemies and those
who I’ve had conflicts with and in your name ask that their hearts may be healed.
I ask for a renewed passion today, fresh and renovated,
so that my heart might overflow with joy
and act as a source of blessing for the world.
I declare myself equipped with the consistency,
perseverance, purity of intention and love that is only provided by you.
Our Father in Heaven, Hail Mary, Glory Be

This is a prayer, among many others, found in Juan Alberto Echeverry's book called A prayer for every Occasion

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