Prayer in the midst of distress

Heavenly Father, I ask in the name of Jesus that
you would embrace me with the Holy Spirit, bringing
me peace, soothing my thoughts, and giving
me the proper composure to face this situation. I
ask that you give me the necessary peace in this
stressful moment, which seeks to destroy my faith
and create confusion in my heart and mind. Do not
allow me to succumb to fear, threats, bad news,
negative thoughts, misfortune, or any situation;
because you Lord are my savior and protector,
who watches over my well-being and integrity. In
this moment I take refuge in the peace you have
provided, so that no person or thing may separate
me from you. In the name of Jesus and through
the intervention of Mary, I declare myself safe and
sound in this moment and cry out to the army of
celestial angels, so that I may be unaffected by the attacks of the enemy.
Our Father in Heaven, Hail Mary, Glory Be.

This is a prayer, among many others, found in Juan Alberto Echeverry's book called A prayer for every Occasion

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