Prayer for self-esteem and personal acceptance

Dear Heavenly Father: I come to you with a
solemn heart, reaching out to the light of your
mercy. I would like to open my heart and relieve
it from pain, complaints, and nonconformity. I ask
your forgiveness for my rebellion and sin, especially
for not accepting the way I am or with the
conditions that I find myself in. Here I am in front
of You, asking that you help me accept myself for
the way I am, including my height, my face, the
color of my skin, my hair, my eyes, my body type,
my economic condition, my parents, my family, my
defects and my mistakes. Today I ask for the help
of the Holy Spirit to lift me out of the dejection
in which I live, and today I decide to forgive and
accept myself the way I am. I recognize that you
want the best for my life and that the only thing
I have done is complain and curse the situations
in which I live, instead of working through faith
and hope for a better tomorrow. I ask that,
as stated in your word, you would help me to change
the way I think so that I would change my way of life.
From this point on, I declare with my mouth, mind,
and heart that I accept myself for the way that
I am and recognize that the Lord wishes the best for me.
I declare in the name of Jesus that from this point on
everything that I own and everything that surrounds me
is contributing for my own good. In the name of Christ
I renounce any complaint, any curse, and any feeling
of sorrow. I profess myself lifted up in the Name of Jesus,
ready to conquer all things through the power of his
Holy Spirit. I declare myself a loving child of God
and heir of his grace and blessings. I reject any
thought of self-condemnation, any negativity, and
any desire to seek pity from others. Today I would
like to rise up and bring about blessing into the
lives of others. I strongly assert to be more positive,
speak positively, and accept myself as I am throughout
every minute of the day. I will not fight against my own life,
my own physique, or my own conditions.
I declare myself liberated and happy in the name of Christ.
I ask that I may bear the blessing and fruit of the Holy Spirit,
as well as the patience, the tolerance, the love, the self-control,
the joy, the faith, the composure, the integrity, the fortitude, and the security.
I will not be discouraged by criticism; neither will I
be ashamed of myself or my conditions, unless it is a cause of my own sin.
I declare myself happy and at peace, and I place all
my thoughts into the hands of the Holy Spirit.
Our Father in Heaven, Hail Mary, Glory Be.

 Juan Alberto Echeverry's book called A prayer for every Occasion

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