Prayer for Insomnia

Heavenly Father, on this night once again I would like to place myself in your presence and thank you for the gift of life. Yet again I find myself awake and unable to sleep, and I would like to take comfort in your love. I ask for the presence of the Holy Spirit, so that it may fill my life with your eternal joy and that it might help me find the reason behind this insomnia. Perhaps it is something that worries me or something that has been left unhealed in my interior and is crying out to be forgiven or mended. Perhaps it is a lack of faith or trust in you which prevents me from reaching peaceful sleep, or perhaps even the Holy Spirit has startled me for the purpose of praying for those in need at this hour of the night. I ask Holy Father that you rid my mind of any dark shadow, as well as eradicate any fear or anxiety dwelling within that keeps me from experiencing your comfort. Father I ask that in these moments I may grow closer to you, and that I may feel your warmth and protection. I want to hear your voice, feel your breath, and be obedient to your Holy Spirit. I place my life in your hands, including my worries, my past, present, and my future, so that it may all fall in line with the divine order. As stated in your word, I submit to Christ every thought so that it may glorify Him. I pray for all those people who are unable to get to sleep and at the same time do not know you and have not given their hearts to you, so that you might bless them and fill them with your presence. At this time of the night I would like to pray for those who do not pray, and ask forgiveness for all those who do not ask for forgiveness. I ask that you dismantle the plans of the wicked, as well as all those who plan to carry out murder, abortion, blasphemy, sacrilege, and every type of evil. I ask that you bless me with your peace and renew my life with the strength of the Holy Spirit. Thank you for this very moment, I praise you for your love and mercy. I place my brain, neurons, body and mind in your hands, so that I may rest peacefully and achieve the sleep necessary to renew my strength. If this insomnia is a product of an illness, I ask that you pass your blessed hand over my body and restore the divine order. Thank you for the divine family which always stands by my side: the holy Virgin Mary, Saint Joseph, and all the saints and holy angels which I include in my prayer tonight. Amen.

Our Father in Heaven, Hail Mary, Glory Be.

This is a prayer, among many others, found in Juan Alberto Echeverry's book called A prayer for every Occasion

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