Prayer for healing our childhood stage

Jesus, I ask You to look into
the moment I was born. If my
parents had any anguish; if I had
health problems or endangered
my mother’s life during labor; if
they were unpleasantly surprised
because of my unexpected gender,
color or physical characteristics—I
choose to forgive my parents, and
perhaps even understand their
disappointment. I ask You, Jesus,
to pass over your blessed hand
so that it may bring healing to that
moment, especially if the shock of
leaving the warm environment of my
mother’s womb and being suddenly
surrounded by cold objects made
me reject life.
Now beloved Jesus, I ask that you
pass through all my childhood moments,
all those moments when I received
disproportionate punishment,
complaints about the care and feeding
I needed, offensive words from
my parents, brothers, family members,
friends or teachers, moments
I might have surprised my parents in
something which may have spoiled
the image I had of them; if perhaps I
took my parents’ attention away from
any of my siblings and caused them
to reject me; or if there has been any
sexual or aggressive abuse which
might have been committed against
me by any person during my childhood-
I choose to forgive and declare
all those people free of guilt. I
justify them because You justified me
on the cross when you said: “Father
forgive them because they do not
know what they are doing.”, for perhaps
their actions were motivated by
pressures or different circumstances
that I don’t understand.
I ask you, beloved Lord Jesus, that
you may bring healing through your
precious blood to any wound that
may be influencing my life, generating
depression or illness.
Bring healing over anything caused
from having been born into an environment
which included promiscuousness,
drug addiction, viciousness,
schizophrenia; or having been born
in absolute poverty or slavery of
any kind.

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