Prayer Before A Surgery

All-Mighty God, I come to your presence at
this hour, with a heart anticipative of your divine
inspiration, to present to you my life, especially the
surgery I am about to confront. I admit that I am
fearful for what could happen and for that I would
like to feel the consolation and strength that only
come from you. I place in your divine hands my
body- including all of my cells and organs, so that
they might fall into the divine order and bring about
blessing for this surgery. I would like to pray for the
doctors, anesthesiologists, and specialists; so that
they might do their jobs with clarity and ease, and
that your holy hand might operate through their
hands. I pray for all the nurses and assistants, so
that they might also be guided by the light of the
Holy Spirit. I pray for all the machinery, tools, and
medications, so that they might follow your will and
take the necessary effect for my healing.
I ask forgiveness for all my sins, especially for not
having taken care of the gift of health that
you have given me. I ask for the protection of
your holy angels as well as the Virgin Mary, so that
they might guard me at all times.
Lord, thank you for your peace which surpasses all understanding
and from this moment I will remain at peace
because I know I am in your hands and that
everything is under your perfect will.
Our Father in Heaven, Hail Mary, Glory Be.

This is a prayer, among many others, found in Juan Alberto Echeverry's book called A prayer for every Occasion

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