A Prayer for an Alcoholic

Holy Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit: I ask for you divine hand over the life of ______, that you might liberate him from his descent into alcoholism, a descent which has trapped him in weakness. Heavenly Father I pray that through the power of your precious blood, you may bring healing and freedom from the restraints of alcoholism in his life as well as the lives of his family and ancestors. I pray that you might forgive any sins committed during states of inebriation by anyone from current or past generations, and that you might bring restoration to his life, healing physical as well as spiritual damage brought upon by the disorder. In the name of Jesus I ask that you send the light of the Holy Spirit over ________ and that you equip him with the strength and self-control to do away with
any and all temptation. Heavenly Father I ask that you would send an army of angels, so that alongside his guardian angel, they would fight against temptation and enticement from the enemy. I ask that you would place the desire in his heart to repair all damage done under the influence of alcohol, while you call him to your holy presence. Today I declare the end of the vicious cycle of destruction and addiction in the life of _______, as well as the lives of all his future generations. Thank you Holy Father, because I know that all that we ask in the name of Jesus for our own good shall be granted by you. I recognize that at this very moment you have begun to work on ______ in his time of weakness and for that I thank you. Amen. Our Father in Heaven, Hail Mary, Glory Be.


This prayer was taken from the book A Prayer for Every Occasion written by Juan Alberto Echeverry

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