A Prayer Asking for a Husband/Wife

Heavenly Father, I come to your presence with love and joy, after all, you created the universe and gave everything meaning through your divine plan so that all might exist in harmony. In this way you created man and gave him an ideal partner so that he might live in happiness. For this reason I pray from the bottom of my heart for the perfect partner for the rest of my days. You know me Lord, and you know that I feel in the bottom of my heart the longing for an ideal partner to bring harmony to my life, of which I have dreamed since I was a child. For this reason I come to your holy presence handing you my life, crying out to your mercy and grace. I am uncertain as to the reason why I have not been able to find the ideal person for my life, but I ask that you show me with the light of your Holy Spirit, whatever obstacle I might have placed between myself and that person. If it is your perfect will, I ask that you open the doors of blessing in this area of my life. I desire from the bottom of my heart to build a family under the presence of the Holy Spirit, and that it may follow the image of the holy family of Nazareth. I ask that you prepare my life and heart in every aspect, so that I may bring happiness to my future partner, and that together we might construct a relationship that is blessed and in-line with your will. Lord, I ask in the name of Jesus that you would separate me from any person in my life that takes away my peace, or that may lead me to lose your friendship. Thank you Heavenly Father for listening to this prayer, and for clearing the path for its fulfillment. Amen. Our Father in Heaven, Hail Mary, Glory Be.

This is a prayer, among many others, found in Juan Alberto Echeverry's book called A prayer for every Occasion

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